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Kaz has been my personal trainer since 2007. She is very professional but also fun to train with. She makes sure you use the correct techniques to avoid injury and get maximum benefit of the exercise. I love the way she encourages a sense of community with her challenges and special events to bring people together.



I have been part of the MBM family since August 2012. I had initially joined MBM for three months. I had never played sport, was overweight and had not exercised in quite some time. The variety of exercises that accommodates all levels of fitness, the constant encouragement from coaches, and the friendships you make keep me coming back year after year.



I am not usually a committed to any business but I have been a client of MBM since 2007. What makes MBM different is that I am recognised as an individual.  As a result I have achieved levels of fitness, and success in running, that I would not have thought possible.  I'm over 60 years old and I have completed 20 marathons and many half marathons. I’ve made many new friends in the MBM community and everyone supports and encourages one another to achieve their goals.

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