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Ten session group class package

Get your fitness on track with ten weeks of our outdoor classes that combine cardio and strength training in a fun and social group environment.

10 sessions + complimentary first class = $200, save $75 off our normal fees!


  1. You may start the 10 sessions at any time however you must complete them within 14 weeks of the start date. No refund is provided if you do not utilise all of the sessions.

  2. You can complete your 10 sessions in any location on any day of a scheduled class, until all 10 have been utilised.

  3. Clients will be required to complete our fitness questionnaire prior to commencing training for safety reasons. 

  4. Payment is required in full in advance via direct deposit.

  5. This offer applies only to people who are brand new to MBM (past clients are excluded).

  6. This offer may only be used once per person and is not transferable to another individual.

  7. If you wish to continue training with us after the 10 week package has been utilised, fees will revert to our normal fee structure.

  8. Package fee is current as of 1 May 2024.

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