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Terms and conditions

Pre-exercise questionnaire

All clients are requested to complete a pre-exercise questionnaire. Should there be any areas of concern, clients will be requested to obtain a medical clearance prior to commencement of a program to ensure their safety.


Training will continue in the event of light rain or drizzle, unless the fitness coach deems the training location to be unsafe as a result of the weather. If the session or group is cancelled due to any form of inclement weather all funds paid for the skipped session will be credited to the client.

Mandatory training requirements

All clients must bring a towel and water bottle to each session for reasons of hygiene and safety. Please ensure that you have had something to eat one to two hours before the work out, however avoid eating large meals. Wear loose comfortable, light clothing that does not restrict movement. Ensure that you are wearing the appropriate footwear to avoid injury. All clients must also be in a fit state to train. If not, the fitness coach may make the decision to cancel the session or refuse entry to the group for the health and safety of the client. If this situation does occur then the client may be liable for cancellation fees.


Payment is required in advance for all training.

Group class clients – the only form of payment is via EziDEBIT direct debit and payments are one month in advance.

Personal training clients - the preferred method of payment is via EziDEBIT direct debit which is a 4 weekly payment in advance.

Client’s who choose to pay via direct deposit must pay at least 6 weeks in advance for personal training sessions. For Direct debit EziDEBIT payments a $5.50 (up to) once only client set up fee is charged by EziDEBIT along with a $1.73 per transaction fee for bank accounts and 2.7% of the transaction for Visa and Mastercard. These fees are subject to change by EziDEBIT.

Cancellations for personal training sessions

Cancellations must be made with 12 hours notice by either SMS or a call to the fitness coach. Failure to do so results in a forfeited session and the client will be charged for the session.

Cancellations for small group personal training sessions

If any of the parties cannot attend the session, the following would apply: if the cancellation occurs more than 12 hours before the session then the hourly rate will apply for the remaining person/s training; if the cancellation occurs within 12 hours of the session then the full group rate applies. If the remaining client/s choose not to go ahead because one or more of the participants will be unavailable, then the normal policy of cancellation within a 12 hour period or a cancellation fee applies.

Group exercise classes

  1. You are entering a contract with Mind Body Motion Fitness Solutions® which is bound by these terms and conditions.

  2. You will select to complete either one or two classes per week. A week is defined as Monday to Saturday and your regular class, or classes, are deemed to be the one, or those, you attend most often.

  3. The date of the commencement of your contract is determined by the week you start classes officially, after you have completed any promotional packages. A contract runs for a period of twelve months. If you wish to continue your training at the end of your contract, it will roll over automatically and a further twelve-month contract will commence unless you advise otherwise, in writing.

  4. The only accepted form of payment for group classes is EziDEBIT who will deduct a regular payment from either your bank account or your credit card (for fees, see payment section). Payments are deducted from an agreed date determined by your contract start date, are deducted in advance, and fall every 28 days (covering a period of four weeks, Monday to Saturday) from the date of the first payment.

  5. Payments may vary during due to the inclusion of other MBM services purchased, and agreed to, by you.

  6. You are entitled to take up to five weeks holiday throughout the term of your contract and receive a credit for the classes that you will miss whilst you are away. You are advised to notify MBM in writing via email and once this notification has been received, a credit will be placed on your account for the time period you are away based on your weekly regular classes. If you wish to take more than five weeks holiday you may do so, however a transaction fee of $5 per session will be retained for every session that is over and above the five weeks allocation. You receive a new five-week allocation at the start of the new contract year. If you have not used all of the holiday allocation from the previous year, it will not rollover into the new contract year.

  7. A holiday is defined as time away from your residence for leisure activities either in another country, interstate, or not in the local area. The term holiday does not cover the following: time away from home for business travel; electing voluntarily not to attend a class for any reason; illness; or any other unexpected circumstances. If for any reason you are unable to attend the classes other than a holiday as defined previously, you simply make up your missed classes in the timeframe of your contract period. If you have an extended illness see condition 13.

  8. Mind Body Motion Fitness Solutions® will close over the Christmas period and you will be credited for any of your regular classes that are cancelled due to the Christmas and New Year closure.

  9. You do not need to advise which classes you will attend on a weekly basis, you may simply come along to the class. A record will be kept by Mind Body Motion Fitness Solutions® of your attendance however you are responsible for keeping a track of your own sessions. Mind Body Motion Fitness Solutions® will provide you with a training calendar to assist you in tracking your sessions.

  10. If you attend more than your selected number of classes, you will either be charged for the additional classes, or you will be advised that you are exceeding your sessions so you may drop some classes to balance out the total.

  11. If you are unable to attend a class for any reason other than a holiday or an extended illness, you may make up that class any time throughout your contract year. You are able to use your allocated number of sessions any time throughout your contract at any location, including sessions in advance. If you do not use all of your sessions within the term of the contract, your sessions will not be carried over into the following contract year.

  12. If you wish to change your number of classes to increase or decrease your number of sessions, you can do so without any notice, however it must be in writing. Your payments will be adjusted accordingly when the next monthly payment falls due. If you have outstanding sessions based on the previous number of classes you chose, they can still be utilised as long as it falls within the contract period.

  13. If you become seriously ill or injured and you are unable to attend for more than 30 days, your account can be suspended. If you are ill or injured and the period of time is less than 30 days, your payments will continue and you will be able to make up the missed classes at any time throughout the contract period.

  14. If you decide to terminate your contract you must provide a minimum of 14 days notice in writing and the termination date will fall after the 14 days is complete. Your payments will also cease after the 14 days is complete. If you have outstanding unused sessions during your termination period, you must utilise those sessions before you terminate your contract, they cannot be extended beyond the termination date and will not be refunded.

Current as of 1 April 2022

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