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We asked our clients to write a few words about how they feel about us. We never expected they would put such effort into it, but it's obviously important to them.

We know it's a lot to read, but it's what they wanted to say so we thought you should hear it all!

See below for some video testimonials too!

"Motivation to get to a gym for regular exercise has always been lacking but Mind Body Motion has changed the way I approach exercise. All of the trainers are fantastic at offering varied routines each week and encouraging everyone to push that little bit harder. The small group classes are brilliant and offer the benefits of almost one-on-one focus with the trainer without the price tag of a personal training session. My trainer Kaz, is always happy to answer any questions that I might have and has been instrumental in significantly improving my fitness over the last 11 months. I look forward to all of her sessions each week and walk away from class exhausted and smiling."
Stacey, group class client, West Pennant Hills

"I have been training with MBM for the last six months and I can't believe how much I have enjoyed the experience. MBM trainers rock because they are passionate, they love what they do, they are professional, reliable, challenging and make exercise fun. I can't believe how good I feel and how much my fitness has improved in such a short space of time. I now see fitness as part of my everyday lifestyle and I really look forward to my sessions. Thank you guys...I can't thank you enough - your not just my trainers...you are my friends!"
Alanna, personal training client, Gladesville

"I had my very first personal training session ever with Graeme. He was great. He understood my niggling injuries and ensured the workout wasn't going to put any unnecessary strain on those areas. Graeme has a great attitude and the most important thing is that he worked my arse off! He motivated me throughout our session to ensure that I didn't give up and made sure I pushed myself even further with the variety of activities that he had me do."
Keshena, group exercise class client, West Pennant Hills

"I have always found gyms too intimidating and team sports too results focused, so my initial challenge was to find an exercise environment I was comfortable in. My first introduction to Mind Body Motion was via  letter box drop, the enthusiasm and honesty with which Kaz introduced her new business stuck in my mind and  when my neighbour asked if I would join her and sign up, I couldn't find a good reason not to. Even though I didn't have a specific weight or fitness goal in mind, I simply wanted to increase the amount of regular exercise I did in an effort to stay healthy. Kaz and her Mind Body Motion Team of Fitness Coaches and the clients they attract are regular people. Each with their own challenges and strengths.  All the Fitness Coaches who have lead my class at one time or another have had the ability to create an environment that ensures, at the end of each class everybody feels better for it. I've been a Mind Body Motion client for a bit over three years now and have noticed periodically an increase in my fitness and strength levels, most importantly I continue to achieve a better understanding of what my mind and body need to stay in motion."
Meena, group exercise class client, Naremburn

"I joined MBM as a last resort after years of trying different types of exercise ranging from UN-motivated walking, wasted money on UN-used gym memberships and UN-happily brought to tears and demoralised at Bootcamp. I'm not sure what I expected when I joined MBM. All I knew was that I needed to improve my cardio strength if I were to have any chance of convincing my asthma specialist to let me off the high dosage of steroids I was prescribed four years ago. Within three months of attending one class per week at MBM, my measurements were so improved that Kaz suggested I increase to another class to get even better results. Another three months later, I am leaner and less out of breath on a day to day basis, have fewer asthma attacks and can get through a class with mild wheezing instead of collapsing and giving up. I am officially off the daily steroids (as long as I continue to exercise). Unlike pre-MBM days, the steroids (when I have to take them during and after attacks) no longer slow my metabolism as much they used to and I now have the incentive to exercise knowing that I can stay off the steroids long term. Thanks to Kaz and Julie who have turned my life around and in the process become people I truly count as my friends. They recognise my weaknesses and encourage me to try my hardest. TThey both torture me during class and seem to enjoy my pain...and laugh gleefully when I follow up with nasty texts after muscle soreness really sets in! In fact, it's almost a competition now on who gets the nastiest text from me after class! Thanks ladies, here's to a leaner, meaner, healthier and more beautiful me in 2011 :)
Rosharnie, group exercise class client, West Pennant Hills

"I first started looking for a fitness trainer to take over training a group of middle aged but highly motivated ladies of varying degrees of fitness. We had lost our original trainer and really despaired of finding anyone that would suit our particular needs. These needs were that our training had to be suitable for our level of fitness and our age level, it had to be challenging and varied, it had to be a positive experience that we would want to continue with and it had to be fun! Enter MBM and Kaz! I can honestly say that MBM fulfilled every criteria we had and then some!  MBM is run in a very professional manner and yet it still manages to make you feel like you are being trained by your friends and are receiving personalised training within a group. I have been training with MBM for over 12 months now and I have to say I love doing my classes at Epping. However the wider group is so inclusive that I have no hesitation in doing extra or make up classes with other groups at other venues. EVERYONE is so welcoming and it is evident that we are all there for the same thing, fitness.  There are so many facets to MBM, from the very basic assistance with fitness and weight loss challenges to people in the group that are training to do half marathons. There is something for everyone and everyone is given the same attention.  Kaz has gathered a fantastic team of trainers together and they all have the same work ethic and commitment as Kaz. Karen is my main trainer, great sense of humour puts up with ALL my whingeing, gives a great workout and is always there rain, hail or shine. I always feel safe training with Karen as she is aware of each person's particular weaknesses and adjusts the program where necessary on an individual basis to suit and that is what I mean by personalized group training.  The biggest benefit of being involved with MBM for me is that it keeps me on the path to fitness. I rarely miss a class if I can help it and I am continually motivated by the trainers and the people I train with. I am so much fitter now and I am so much happier because of it."
Gail, group exercise class client, Epping