Virtual Stair Challenge

Date: Sunday 11 April to Sunday 4 July 2021 - 12 weeks

Number of stairs: 45,000

Location: Wherever you like!

Cost: $30

What is included:

  • Access to a private facebook group

  • Encouragement & motivation from other team members

  • Stair training programs at the start of every four week period (completion is optional)

  • A leaderboard update each week to keep you motivated

  • Access to a qualified Fitness Coach along the way

How this challenge works:

  1. Over 12 weeks you need to complete 45,000 stairs

  2. You can do them when and where you like

  3. Every week you send an email logging the number of stairs you have completed so far and the leaderboard will be updated

  4. You may include the stairs in your day to day activities - stairs in your home, on the way to work, walking around day to day - as well as set stair workouts

  5. You'll receive a monthly set of programs that you can do to add variety into your workouts

Terms and conditions:

  1. You have no health related injuries or illnesses that would affect you participating in this program.

  2. This is a virtual training program. The challenges will be provided with the understanding that the participant will complete the workout in the manner described and will cease to complete the challenge if any injury or discomfort occurs.
  3. It is assumed that the participant will advise Mind Body Motion if they are having any difficulty with any aspect of the program. The participant will take full responsibility for their actions throughout this challenge and will endeavour to train safely at all times. If they do not, then Mind Body Motion will not be held responsible for any injuries.
  4. If you participate in this program you must have a base level of fitness that will allow you to complete your goal safely.

  5. This challenge operates on an honour system.

NOTE: Stadium Stomp in Sydney will be held on Sunday 11 July and this challenge is great preparation for that event. MBM have entered a team.