MBM Triple Challenge!

DATE: Sunday 10 October 2021

TIME: Kickoff is from 7:00am

LOCATION: Botanical Gardens in Sydney OR your own location. This activity is face to face or virtual. We would love everyone to come together on the day for motivation and encouragement however if you do not wish to travel, or if we are restricted in any way, then you are able to do this event at the same time in your own location.


There are three standard levels for the MBM Triple Challenge:

Level 1: 30 min walk / 5km run / 30 mins of stairs

Level 2: 45 min walk / 7km run / 45 mins of stairs

Level 3: 60 min walk / 10km run / 60 mins of stairs

OPTIONS:  These are the standard levels and they’re designed to be challenging. However you can customise them to suit your fitness level if you need to. For example you might choose 60 min walk / 10 km run / 30 mins stairs. Or you might complete 20 min walk / 15 mins stairs / 10 km run. This challenge is flexible! We want you to be able to set yourself a stretch target and achieve it. The aim is to help with motivation and commitment along the way!

You choose your level and the order in which you complete the activities on the day. There is absolutely no time limit so you can work to your own pace. You just need to complete all three activities consecutively. Train with a buddy or do the event solo, it’s up to you.

There will be support crew on the day and the finish will be located at the Fleet Stairs in the Botanical Gardens for those who participate in person.



This includes:

1. Access to a private facebook/messenger/What’s App group to keep you motivated and connected with the rest of the team

2. Access to a qualified Fitness Coach who will help and guide you along the way

3. Guidance on how to train for the event

4. Support on event day (bag minding and cheer squad)


Email Kaz at info@mindbodymotion.com.au. Just advise me what level you would like to complete. If you wish to customise, just let me know what combination will be more suited to you.


1. You have no health-related injuries or illnesses that would affect you participating in this program.

2. It is assumed that the participant will advise Mind Body Motion if they are having any difficulty with any aspect of the program. The participant will take full responsibility for their actions throughout this challenge and will endeavour to train safely at all times. If they do not, then Mind Body Motion will not be held responsible for any injuries.

3. If you participate in this program you must have a base level of fitness that will allow you to complete your goal safely. You should not be new to exercise and you should currently be able to run.