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Our Tantalisingly Taut Torso program runs over six weeks and it's designed to help you work your core muscles to improve your core and back strength, and to build strength into your torso overall. This program has been designed to provide functional fitness not six-pack abs! You will tone your abs for sure, however unless you reduce bodyfat, abs stay hidden!

We focus on all the internal abdominal muscles as well as the external ones. By strengthening your core muscles, you can assist to reduce back pain, improve your ability to lift and manage day to day life activities, improve your running, and just generally tone your torso musculature.

What makes this a great program?

  1. You can do the program at home in your own time with your own equipment OR you can work out at the gym and utilise the services there OR you can work with your trainer who can provide the equipment and supervision.
  2. We will provide you with written programs and video instruction so you can work safely and with correct technique and form on your own.
  3. It's not expensive! We designed the program so you don't have to pay for personal training and you can do this on your own.
  4. You have access to ask us questions any time either online or by phone, at no extra charge.
  5. You will be part of a facebook group for the 6 weeks so you can chat there to get support or to buddy up together for training.
  6. You are able to participate even if you live interstate from Sydney or overseas due to the beauty of Virtual Coaching and Skype!

What are the elements of the program?

  • Introductory video on how the program works, including the assessment for before and after the program to test your improvements.
  • Six program video's outlining the programs, what you need to do, how often and how you complete the exercises.
  • A program video on pelvic floor exercises.
  • Written programs that match the video's plus a plan for the six weeks.
  • We will give you plenty of option so that beginners or advanced exercisers are able to complete these programs.
  • The requirement will be to complete two programs per week of 30 mins duration. You may do more if you wish however this is the minimum that we advise.

What equipment will you need?

You will require some dumbbells and a fitball however most of the exercises utilise your own bodyweight.

What's the fee?

$59 for the six week program

Payment can be arranged via direct debit, direct deposit or credit card. You can pay for the program fee in installments if you wish. Details are outlined below in the registration section.

How do you register?

Complete attached registration form which includes your payment details. If you wish to use direct debit, then complete this form also. 2. Email it to info@mindbodymotion.com.au

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