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Personal Training is a great way to get fit in a way that suits you. Our fitness coaches come to a location that is convenient to you, and we train you with exercises that you enjoy. The difference between Personal Training and attending a group class is that we focus on you alone, and not a group of people. Exercises are designed around your specific goals, we ensure that they cater for any injuries or illness that might need consideration, and we work you as hard as you feel is appropriate.

You and your fitness coach together are in charge of your health and wellbeing!

Pre-exercise questionnaire and fitness assessment

All clients must complete a pre-exercise questionnaire and fitness assessment prior to the commencement of any Personal Training sessions. We spend an hour or more with you to understand your goals, a bit about the way you like to train, what exercises you enjoy doing and we assess your current fitness levels, any special medical requirements and the appropriate method of training to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals. Assessments include girth measurements; blood pressure and heart rate readings; postural assessments; and fitness tests. As a regular client you will receive ongoing fitness assessments, complimentary.

If you have a break from training for a month or more you may be required to be reassessed for safety reasons and an additional fee will apply.

Initial fitness assessment - $100 single, $120 couple

One on one sessions

Individualised personal training sessions are a great way to get in shape. Your one-on-one programs will be tailored to suit your specific goals, and what you enjoy, and may include a combination of cardio and resistance training, depending on your needs. You receive 100% attention at every work out session.

$85 per session

Couples sessions

For the couples that want to get fit and spend more time together, these are the perfect sessions. Or perhaps you're more motivated when you train with a friend, or need some friendly competition to spur you on! Even if you are both at different levels in your fitness, these sessions will be tailored so that you can both train together and they will still cater to your specific needs.

$105 per session

Prices are correct as of November 8, 2016. All sessions are a minimum of 6 weeks, payable in advance. Terms and conditions apply.