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Nine ways to sleep better

Posted by on 8 July 2015 | 0 Comments

1. Have a bath. Having a warm soak before bed will help you unwind. It will also raise your body temperature, and the drop in temperature that follows this will encourage your body to think it’s time to go to sleep. Add essential oils to your bath to enhance the effect.

2. Exercise during the day. Exercising during the day can help you to nod off at night. But don’t do a tough workout too close to your bedtime, or you may struggle to drift off.

3. Avoid caffeine or other stimulants. Avoid caffeine and other stimulants in the evenings, as they may prevent you reaching a deep sleep. Have a chamomile tea instead.

4. Remove all electronic gadgets. Clear your bedroom of all electronic distractions, including mobile phones, TVs and laptops, to create a more peaceful environment.

5. Relax before bedtime. Keep the lighting low in the hour or so before you head to bed then, once you’re tucked in, make sure your room is as dark as possible. Invest in blackout blinds or curtain liners for a completely dark and soothing environment.

6. Get into a routine. Our bodies like routine, so going to bed and waking at similar times each day (including the weekends) will help you to programme your body to sleep better.

7. Create a no-work policy. Try not to do any work-related tasks in your bedroom or just before you sleep as it can affect your ability to switch off from your daily concerns.

8. Take a herbal remedy. Herbs can be used to temporarily relieve sleep problems caused by anxiety.

9. Use essential oils. A few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow to help you drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep. Research has shown that aromatherapy with lavender can help to slow the activity of your nervous system, improve sleep quality and promote relaxation.




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