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Our Lean Lucious Legs program runs over 10 weeks and it's designed to help you tone and shape your legs. This program is suitable for men and women who wish to improve their leg strength and tone and shape their legs.

What makes this a great program?

  1. You can do it at home in your own time with your own equipment OR you can work out at the gym and utilise the services there OR you can work with your trainer who can provide the equipment.
  2. We will provide you with written programs and video instruction so you can work safely and with correct technique and form on your own.
  3. It's not expensive! We designed the program so you don't have to pay for personal training and you can do this on your own.
  4. You have access to ask us questions any time either online or by phone, at no extra charge.
  5. You are able to participate even if you live interstate from Sydney or overseas due to the beauty of Virtual Coaching and Skype!

What are the elements of the program?

  • Six video programs with all exercises for the ten weeks.
  • Written programs that match the video's plus a plan for the ten weeks.

What equipment will you need?

As most of you will realise, your legs are a large muscles group so you can use quite heavy weight and we would recommend this. You will require weight and we have written the programs to include a variety of dumbbell weights. You can use your bodyweight for most of the exercises however the benefit will not be quite the same unless you include resistance.

What's the cost?

$69 for the ten week program

How do you register?

Complete the attached form and email it to info@mindbodymotion.com.au. Payments details are in the program form. If you require direct debit, use this form.

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