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Emma goes virtual!

Posted by on 6 September 2016 | 3 Comments

Note: The Virtual Relay Race was a virtual relay for teams fo two to four people. They had to complete a swim, cycle, run and walk within a designated time period on a certain day.

I signed up for the Virtual Challenge with one aim in mind but managed to achieve much more than anticipated.

Hoping to stay active in winter, I signed up and roped in a friend and my sister to fill a team with Jenny…”The Firebirds”!

If anyone asked me what kind of “athlete” I am (and I use the term loosely), a swimmer would be my answer. A very inactive swimmer! I swam competitively through to my teens and sporadically get back in the pool for a bit of fitness. The Virtual Challenge was a good excuse to get back into the pool. My nine year old daughter, Poppy, stopped squad training earlier this year so we decided to hit the pool together to train. She was so excited that our first training session took place before the challenge officially began!

Unexpected achievement #1: motivate my daughter to be active.

Unfortunately the training I managed to do was nowhere near what I had planned, due to being unwell for most of the challenge period. So, when the challenge arrived I was worried. As a minimum I wanted to beat what I had done in training (1150m) and I really wanted to do 1250m.

Race day arrived and driving to the pool in the dark, I was pumped! My fellow Firebirds were up early with me, sending me messages of support on Facebook. I managed to beat my target, swimming 1300m, even with a lady getting in my lane with a pool noodle!

Unexpected achievement #2: beating my target!

Throughout the rest of the morning the Firebirds continually messaged on Facebook – signaling the next racer, sharing photos of our preparation and racing, supporting one another, laughing and celebrating our achievements.

Unexpected achievement #3:  camaraderie and team spirit :)

It was such a fun day and so rewarding to get out and be active on a cold day while working as a team to conquer a challenge. Bring on the next challenge, Kaz!

Emma Canning, group class member at West Pennant Hills











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