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Day on a plate - Dom

Posted by on 6 April 2016 | 2 Comments

Dom's day on a plate:

5.30am coffee

Breakfast - Either porridge and milk or muesli if she's in a hurry, both

with full fat yoghurt, and berries or melon. If she's in the car, a small

tub of yoghurt and a punnet of berries.

Morning tea - skim latte

Lunch - either a large tuna salad - tuna, lots of veges, beans, avocado,

plus potato and maybe an egg or a tuna and salad wrap.

Afternoon tea - a cup of tea, with either almonds, green smoothie, carmans

muesli bar or a cherry ripe bliss ball.

Dinner - salmon stir fry with brown rice or quinoa, or zoodles with cherry

tomato, feta, and vegetables.

Supper - usually nothing but occasionally a yoghurt.


Karen's comments

This month we are looking at the pescatarian diet of one of MBMs very active fitness coaches, Dom, who has previously been a keen runner and is now enjoying the new challenges of triathlon. She follows a vegetarian diet with the addition of fish, and is very conscious of eating well, with a particular focus on cancer prevention following her breast cancer diagnosis 5 years ago. Her major nutritional challenge is eating on the run and eating around her work and training sessions.

Currently Dom eats plenty of fruit and vegetables, meeting the "5 and 2" recommendation each day. This is a great achievement and particularly important to maximise antioxidants which help in cancer prevention. However Dom could work on increasing the range of fruit she eats, berries and melon are the two fruits she consumes most of the time, and while these are excellent choices, the more colours and types she eats daily means increased variety and number of antioxidants.

Dom takes plenty of early morning fitness sessions and she generally just has a coffee at 5.30am to kickstart her day, and may not eat until 9am. Given her high activity level and physically demanding job, it would be beneficial for her to eat a small snack before starting work to meet her energy and nutritional requirements and get her metabolism activated. This could be a small yoghurt, a piece of fruit, a homemade muesli bar or bliss ball, or a smoothie made the night before.

Healthy, portable snack and meal foods can be hard to find. Dom is doing a great job with her current options, but with a little time spent on meal prep the night before she could increase the variety and change up her nutritional intake. Some ideas include chia puddings or Bircher muesli kept in a portable container in the fridge overnight to "cook", vegetable frittata or a bean hot pot with a whole grain, whole meal bread roll. An easy portable option would also be a milk based smoothie made the night before including milk, yoghurt, fresh dates, fresh fruit, peanut butter, cocao, LSA, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds or skim milk powder. This would not only provide lots of energy, protein, good fats and antioxidants but would also help meet Dom's goal of maintaining a high calcium intake to offset the bone thinning effects of her breast cancer medication.

While Dom is increasing her triathlon training sessions she needs to ensure she has adequate energy and protein to promote recovery, refuelling and muscle repair. One challenge she finds is her training sessions are often in the evening so she has to eat dinner early or very late, when she often doesn't feel like eating much. To combat this Dom could move her main meal to the middle of the day. Currently her lunch is incredibly nutritious but she could really beef it up by adding some more good quality carbohydrate. This might include quinoa, buckwheat, teff, freekah, sweet potato or wholemeal versions of pasta, couscous or rice. This will help keep her fuelled for the evening training session and reduce the need to eat a big evening meal. A supper post training, such as yoghurt, nuts and muesli, or toast with eggs, avocado, tomato, smoked salmon, peanut butter or baked beans or another nutrition packed smoothie will finish off Dom's day perfectly. Keep up the great work Dom and good luck with the swim, bike, run!

Karen Hester is a Fitness Coach and Dietitian with Mind Body Motion Fitness Solutions. Click here for more information on how you can work with Karen on your daily meals.


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