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Day On a Plate

Posted by on 6 September 2016 | 9 Comments

Lee is one of MBM's very active Run Club clients, who earlier this year was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Determined not to let this slow her down, Lee is keen to discover if diet can help fight some of the symptoms of MS, such as fatigue and dizziness and help with prevention of flare ups.

Here is Lee's DOP:

Breakfast 8am  2 x wholemeal toast with peanut butter and honey, 1 homemade cappuccino.

Lunch 1pm 2 pieces supreme pizza, half slice garlic bread, rocket salad and water

Dinner 6.30 chicken satay stir fry with capsicum, carrot and red onion, white rice, water

Dessert 9pm 1 X gastrolyte jelly ice block, tea

Karen's comments:

The first dietary goal for Lee is to achieve a general healthy balanced diet, just like the rest of the population. In addition to this, an anti inflammatory diet incorporating lots of fruit and vegetables, good fats, herbs and spices and low in salt and saturated fat will provide additional benefits. Lee's day on a plate was a little atypical, as she had a very busy day, but it certainly gives us lots of opportunity to make positive changes.

A diet high in salt is thought to increase exacerbations of MS, by causing precursor cells to develop into damaging Th17 cells. Reducing salt will slow down this conversion. On this particular day, Lee had a very high salt intake due to the take away pizza, garlic bread and satay chicken. Simple changes such as avoiding processed take away foods, limiting packaged foods especially processed meats, and choosing reduced salt versions of products like peanut butter, will all help keep Lee's sodium intake low.

Lee's fruit and vegetable intake on this day were both below the recommended intake for the general population. The reason fruit and veg are especially important for someone with MS, is they contain lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants stop free radical production, which in turn helps prevent inflammation and MS flare ups. A diet high in fruit and veg also tends to be low in salt. Swapping one tea or coffee a day for a green tea will also help increase Lee's antioxidant intake.

Saturated fat is another bad guy for people with MS, possibly due to increased levels of brain tissue degeneration leading to greater levels of disability. On the other hand, healthy unsaturated fats such as those found in fish, nuts, seeds, avocado and oils all help decrease inflammation and therefore help keep MS under control. On this particular day, Lee has too much saturated fat from the pizza and garlic bread and needs to increase her good fats, although the peanut butter is a good start. Including spices such as turmeric and ginger will also help decrease inflammation, a great way to sneak these in is a golden latte which has turmeric and ginger incorporated into the chai spice mix......good news Lee, you can even mix it with coffee!

Lee's new anti inflammatory day on a plate might look like this:

Breakfast - 1 slice of wholemeal/whole grain toast with avocado, rocket and tomato, and a second slice with reduced salt nut butter and banana. 1 cappuccino

Morning tea - a golden latte, small handful of nuts, seeds and dried fruit

Lunch - a wholemeal roll with egg, avocado and lots of salad, 1 piece of fruit

Afternoon tea - green tea

Dinner - seafood curry with lots of vegetables and brown rice

Dessert - gastrolyte ice block or yoghurt and fruit, tea

For anyone looking to adopt the health benefits of an anti inflammatory diet, the BJC produced cookbook Anti-inflammatory Eating, would be a great place to start. The book can be downloaded from their website: http://www.bjchealth.com.au/diet/anti-inflammatory-eating-recipes-from-your-dietitians-kitchen and the site is: http://offers.bjchealth.com.au/anti-inflammatory-cookbook

Karen Hester is a Fitness Coach and Dietitian with Mind Body Motion Fitness Solutions. Click here for more information on how you can work with Karen on your daily meals.

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  • Thanks Karen and Kaz. That was an unusually crappy food day but as you say, allows room for improvement. I'd never heard of it, and have since ordered a pack of "Golden Latte" Or Golden Latte Turmeric Spice Blend and await its delivery. I'll try anything and hopefully it's yum and becomes part of the norm. Thanks for the heads up Karen :-)

    Posted by Leeanne, 08/09/2016 9:09am (2 years ago)

  • Thanks Lyn, that's always my goal, to make the changes easy to incorporate to each individual's current lifestyle and preferences. Yes, the ginger and turmeric would be in the seafood curry, and also the golden latte. Moroccan cooking is another good way to sneak the spices in. Turmeric supplements are also available at the chemist, generally they're labelled curcumin as this is the active part of the turmeric. Hope that helps, Karen

    Posted by Karen, 07/09/2016 11:44am (2 years ago)

  • I really like the way Karen adopts current eating to new eating and it isn't a complete change. It's practical advice that we might actually be able to achieve rather that feel overwhelmed by the advice. Question - How do you incorporate the suggested spices? was that in the Seafood curry dish?

    Posted by Lyn, 07/09/2016 10:18am (2 years ago)

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