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About Us

From the age of 24 I haven't stopped exercising, I absolutely love it! It's my passion and my hobby.

Over 13 years ago I decided that I needed to change my corporate lifestyle to a much healthier one. I didn't enjoy the stress or the politics so I turned to something that had always brought me happiness. Exercise. I decided to help others change their lifestyle too and that's why I created Mind Body Motion Fitness Solutions.

I've had an amazing time watching helping people become healthier and achieve goals they never thought were possible. I've made so many friends by finding people with the same interest in training as I have, and my training has taken me all over the country and the world. I love the way I live now. 

I hope that we can help you too. We have group exercise classes and personal training. It's all outdoors and in the fresh air! Come and join us!

Kaz Muddell
Director, and Fitness and Running Coach

Why you should train with Mind Body Motion!

1. We train outdoors in the fresh air. Our personal trainiing and our group exercise classes are all outdoors. We use a variety of equipment and every session is different and challenging. You never know what to expect and you'll never get bored!

2. We have a sense of community. You are not alone. We have built a sense of community amongst our clients. Whether you train one on one or in any of our group classes, you are part of a broader community of like minded people.

3. You will meet people. We have THE best clients who make everyone new feel welcome. We have fun, and friendships are formed. Some of them have been around for years now!

4. We get results. Many of our clients have achieved some outstanding results. From reducing risk of Diabetes Type II, to running the City 2 surf, to lowering blood pressure, to increasing fitness levels, we can make a difference to your life!

5. We are not a boot camp. We can cater for all fitness levels and if you have an injury we can tailor the program to suit you so you can still participate.

6. We have FUN! You will enjoy your experience with us. We try to make every session enjoyable, we have Fitness Coaches who are entertaining and lively, and we give our best to ensure that you will enjoy your time with us.