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Group classes

Our group exercise classes are a terrific way to get fit and have fun!


Common Q&A's

Where do you hold the classes?
West Pennant Hills, Epping and Marsfield.

How long does a class run for?
We run the classes for 60 minutes. We like you to get a good warm up to reduce the risk of injury, and we also like to ensure that you have time to stretch and recover at the end. We make sure that you get 40-45 minutes of intense exercise to maximise the benefits of the workouts.

What do you do in the classes?
We combine resistance and cardio exercises into an interesting and varied combination of activities that will work your heart, lungs, muscles and your mind! Our group timetable has an explanation of all of the classes that we hold. We do listen to feedback from our clients and we like to include activities that they enjoy.

Do I need to bring anything?
A fun attitude, a towel and a water bottle. It's a good idea to be in fairly new running shoes too, not the ones that you mow your lawn with as they won't provide any support!

Are the classes challenging?
Yep, we do try to make them a challenge! We have people of all fitness levels that attend and we have found through experience that the more you challenge yourself, the fitter you get and at a very quick rate! However you can work at your own pace at any time. We cater for every level.

I'm not sure I am fit enough for the classes!
We all have to start somewhere and we will look after you! We have trained people of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Our fitness coaches are very experienced and will work with you to ensure that you get the best out of the classes whilst not being uncomfortable.

Am I too old to join?
You are never too old to exercise! Some of our fittest clients are over 55, and we're not kidding! The only concern we have is if you are in good health, however we will go through that with you in your assessment. If we don't think our classes are right for you, we'll be honest and tell you so. Your safety is paramount to us.

How do I join?
Come and try a complimentary class!

How much do the classes cost?
The classes are $19 per class for one per week or $16 per class for two per week. Class fees are due every 28 days in advance via direct debit. Classes are non-refundable. OurĀ  Terms and conditions give you all the details. All prices are current as of 1 January 2019.

Am I locked into a contract?
You have a 12 month contract for the purpose of tracking your classes, completing makeup sessions, and a minimum of 14 days notice is required to terminate.

Can I swap classes if I can't make one?
Yes you certainly can. You can attend another class at any of our locations. You have the whole term of your contract to attend your classes so you can do a makeup class at any time in that period.

What if I want to stop for some reason?
That's fine, just let us know via email and abide by the cancellation policy. We'd like to know why, of course, in case there is something that we can improve on.

During COVID-19 in 2020
Clients are able to join online via virtual training. Outdoor classes will be streamed live and some classes have elected to stay online for the entire session. These classes will have the same guidance and care, however they are at the clients own risk.