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30 day challenge

What is this challenge all about?

It's just a bit of competitive fun really, and a way to add a bit more exercise into your day. And I'll be honest, you will be helping to promote the MBM business as well!

If you complete the 30 day challenge, you will go into a draw to win a suspension trainer, complete with a program written to suit you! Package valued at $60.

How does the challenge work?

Over 30 days from 1-30 April 2019 you will be provided with six exercises that you will repeat for five days each. So exercise one is for five days, exercise two is for five days and so. An example might be pushups. So you complete 1 min of pushups every day for five days. Very manageable!

Each day you will complete the designated exercise for one minute and count your reps. the aim is to stay the same number of reps each day or improve.

Once completed you need to post on your faebook wall the following information:

  • MBM 30 day challenge completed
  • (# number) of (exercise) completed today in one minute
  • #mindbodymotion #30daychallenge
  • Then tag theĀ  Mind Body Motion Fitness Solutions page

If you complete every day you will go into the draw for the prize.

What does it cost?

This challenge is FREE! It's a bit of fun and you are helping to do a bit of promotion for us. Plus you get something out of it by doing some extra exercise every day for 30 days. And you could win a great piece of exercise equipment.

All you need is a facebook account. All exercise provided will be manageable for all participants, and modifications can be provided if necessary.

Anyone can enter. You don't need to be an MBM client!

How do you register?

Email Kaz!

Terms and conditions:
  1. You have no health related injuries or illnesses that would affect you participating in this program.
  2. This is a virtual training program. This challenge will be provided with the understanding that the participant will complete the exercises in the manner described and will cease to complete the challenge if any injury or discomfort occurs. It is also assumed that the participant will advise Mind Body Motion if they are having any difficulty with any aspect of the challenge. The participant will take full responsibility for their actions throughout this challenge and will endeavour to train safely at all times. If they do not, then Mind Body Motion will not be held responsible for any injuries.
  3. In order to be considered for the prize draw you need to complete the required challenge every day from 1-30 April 2019.