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30 Day Body Blitz results

For 30 days I created the Body Blitz videos thereby testing out my own program.

The objective of the program:

  • To provide clients with a series of time efficient 15 min workouts they could do at home.
  • To provide clients with a kickstart to regular consistent training by producing a program that they could use on a daily basis.
  • To measure the impact of 15 mins exercise per day on muscle mass and bodyfat percentage.

What didn't change over the 30 days:

  • Incidental exercise - shifting weights to and from my ute on a daily basis, and walking with clients for 30-60 mins per day.
  • My food and alcohol intake.
  • Number of steps per day is always over 10,000.

What did change over the 30 days:

  • I completed a 15 min dedicated workout every day with the exception of two days (although I ran 10km on one of those days). This was int he last few days of the program.
  • I didn't complete as many workouts with clients as I normally would, I used the program instead however I still trained with some clients each week.
  • I felt more fatigued from an increase in leg workouts therefore my running was affected, and reduced. I was also more time poor so prioritised this program over my running.
  • My running focus changed from trail running to road running, burning less energy I suspect. I was completing a lot more stair and hill training prior to this program.
  • The number of steps per day decreased by around 1000-2000 and this may reflect less running. Number of steps was still over 10,000 though on a daily basis.
  • I increased my strength training through the program.

What were the results:

On 28 Sep 2017 I had a dexascan to review muscle mass and bodyfat %. I did the same on 31 Oct 2017 and then compared the results.

  • I gained 1.4kg in total mass from 62.4kg to 63.8kg.
  • I increased 0.9kg in lean muscle mass from 49.9kg to 50.8kg. This was a direct result of an increase in strength training. The increase appears to be in my android (trunk and upper body) region but primarily in my trunk.
  • I increased 0.4kg in bodyfat % from 16.7% to 17.1%. The primary area where this was located is the gynoid (hips and lower body) region. I lost a bit of muscle here and increased my bodyfat. This surprises me as I wasn't completing a lot of leg workouts previously and these programs really ramped up my lower body training. The only assumption I can make it that running strips bodyfat for me personally. The reduction in running may have affected my bodyfat percentage increase.
  • My bodyfat % range for my age (51) is 23-35% so I am still well below average at 17.1%.
  • BJC Health completed the scan for me. They indicated that previously they had seen males increase muscle mass over a three month time period but never a female by this much or this quickly.


  • The results have indicated that there can be a direct benefit to 15 mins of focused exercise per day, however I suspect that the level of intensity directly affects the results. I always completed the high impact options.The other factor would be the amount of equipment weight utilised.
  • Clearly strength training is important and can increase lean muscle mass with a concentrated effort.
  • A balance is required and potentially cardio (in my case this is running) can be effective in reducing bodyfat.
  • I feel much stronger as a result of the program.
  • It's clear that you can increase muscle mass and bodyfat percentage at the same time. This has happened to me once or twice before but the numbers were much smaller.

Where to from here:

I am going to produce 30 Day Body Blitz 2 and that is three x 30 min workouts each week. They will also be primarily strength based programs. I will be increasing my running in preparation for some big trail running events in 2018, and I will be adding in one or two of the 15 min workouts into my routine as well. Next scan is aimed for around the March/April timeframe to measure these results.

Kaz Muddell, Fitness Coach, 31 October 2017