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30 day Body Blitz 2

What’s the purpose of the challenge?

This 30 day challenge aims to:

  • Follow on from the original 30 day challenge of 15 mins per day
  • Increase your fitness and your lean muscle mass over a concentrated 30 day period by combining moderate and vigorous physical activity
  • Provide structured weekly workouts of both cardio and resistance exercises

What does it cost?

The fee is $75 ($6.25 per workout) and includes the following:

  • Three x 30 min workouts emailed to you every week for four weeks
  • Access to a coach who can assist you along the way

How does the challenge work?

This challenge is virtual. You complete this where you live, even if that is overseas, interstate or intrastate. You don't need a lot of space or too much equipment.

For 30 days the intention is to complete three x 30 minute workouts every week, eat cleaner, and drink less alcohol/other beverages.

Every week three workouts videos will be emailed to you along with written instructions. The video will be 30 mins long and will take you step by step through the workout. So you turn on the workout video and follow along! Some videos will require equipment, others will be bodyweight only. There will be options for higher and lower impact exercises.

The basic equipment that require to get the best out of the workouts is the following:

  1. A kettlebell, preferably 12kg however 8kg will be fine
  2. Dumbbells, the weight must suit your fitness level, 4kg or 5kg is ideal
  3. A mat
  4. A skipping rope
  5. A 5kg medicine ball
  6. Access to a Tabata App (downloadable)

What if I am doing other exercise?

If you already training regularly then you may not need to complete the daily workout. If you are a runner, depending on the distance you run for the day you may still be able to complete the 15 min workout as well. It's really up to you how hard you want to work.

Do I need a certain level of fitness?

In order to complete this challenge you will need to be relatively injury free and able to work at a decent level of intensity. There will be options given of course, however this is an intense short-term program designed to get results. If you work hard, you will get the results.

How do I register?

Email Kaz to register.

Terms and conditions

  1. Payment is required in advance and non-refundable if you choose/cannot continue the program. If you stop the program, you will still receive the videos for the full 30 days.
  2. All videos will be copyright to Mind Body Motion and cannot be shared with any individuals that have not paid the program fee.
  3. Videos will be provided to you via an unlisted link to Mind Body Motions Youtube channel.
  4. Written programs will be provided via website link.
  5. The videos do not have an expiration date and will be yours to continue to use in the future.
  6. This is a virtual training program. The challenges will be provided with the understanding that the participant will complete them in the manner described and will cease to complete the challenge if any injury or discomfort occurs. It is also assumed that the participant will advise Mind Body Motion if they are having any difficulty with any aspect of the challenges we provide.
  7. The participant will take full responsibility for their actions throughout this program and will endeavour to train safely at all times. If they do not, then Mind Body Motion will not be held responsible for any injuries.