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100km in 10 Days

What is this challenge all about?

This challenge is about building extra activity into your every day lifestyle, and hopefully setting some new habits. It’s also about setting yourself a big challenge and a goal to kickstart 2019. This is a Virtual Challenge and you will be part of a virtual team. You can complete the challenge anywhere at all and in your own time.

What do you have to do?

You will embark on a training program so that you can complete 100km over a 10 day period from Monday 1 April to Wednesday 10 April 2019 inclusive.

When does the challenge start?


How will you complete 100km?

100km is a lot of kilometres! Over the 10 days you can complete these kilometres anyway you like.

  • Walking for a set block of time
  • Running for a set block of time
  • Walking to and from the bus/train station
  • Walking to and from the shops
  • Playing games with your kids on the weekend
  • Playing sport
  • Any other incidental exercise you do during the day can count towards the kilometre total (must be in blocks of time)
How will you measure the kilometres you complete daily?

This is up to you but our suggestions are using a sports watch and recording your exercise. You can also download Strava or other apps that measure kilometres. Be wary though that some apps will suck up your battery life. This is an honour system so we trust that you will be honest about recording your distances every day.

What do you receive if you participate?
  • A training plan that will help you build up to prepare to do the distance
  • Ideas on how to complete the kilometres and break them up over the ten days
  • Guidelines on how the challenge will work
  • Support and encouragement from a coach and other team members
  • If you complete the 100km in 10 Days challenge you will go into a draw to receive $60 in MBM Services
Do you have to be fit to do the challenge?

You should have a base level of fitness, with no serious injuries, however this plan will help you build up slowly over time.

What if I am participating in other events/activities around that time?

That’s fine, you can count them towards your kilometre total during the 10 days. We would encourage you to take on activities that will keep you moving!

What does it cost?

The fee is $29 and includes:

  • A plan written by Kaz Muddell who is a qualifed Fitness and Running Coach
  • At least one organised walk during the 10 day period for all local Sydney participants (this will be on 7 April 2019)
  • Access to a private facebook group with other participants for support and encouragement
How do you register?

Email Kaz to register.

What are the terms and conditions?
  1. You have no health related injuries or illnesses that would affect you participating in this program.
  2. Payment is required in advance and will be non-refundable if you decide to cease participating in the program.
  3. You are required to follow the training program and if you do not, then you may be asked to withdraw from the challenge for safety reasons.
  4. You are required to complete the 100km distance over the ten designated days from 1-10 April 2019 in order to be elligible for the prize draw.
  5. This is a virtual training program. This program will be provided with the understanding that the participant will complete the training in the manner described and will cease to complete the program if any injury or discomfort occurs. It is also assumed that the participant will advise Mind Body Motion if they are having any difficulty with any aspect of the prescribed training plan. The participant will take full responsibility for their actions throughout this program and will endeavour to train safely at all times. If they do not, then Mind Body Motion will not be held responsible for any injuries.
  6. MBM Prizes are for use on services that are currently not being utilised by the participant i.e. they are unable to be credited towards existing group classes or personal training sessions.